Graphics corruption/General WikiLink Hell

So I’m working in a brand new database and create an RTF document, put nine words into it, and switch to another file.

I switch back to the file and see this: … ef11_o.png

Like I said, this is a fresh database, created only minutes before. It seems to be fairly persistent (I’ve closed and reopened DTP, verified, backed up and restored, switched documents, created new documents and switched back, rebuilt database, etc) and it’s still there. If I double-click the document name to open it in a new window, it will appear fine – but if I start to select the text, it will disappear.

I think I’ve just figured out that it seems to happen if I create a document, add the name of another document (for automatic WikiLinking) and then switch to another document without ending the sentence.

For instance, if I have a document called “bar”, and I create a document called “foo” that contains


it will trigger the bug, but if it contains


then it will work properly.

I’ll be interested to hear if anyone else can duplicate this or if I just need a reboot (which I’m REALLY trying to avoid right now).

DEVONthink Pro 1.3.4
MacBook C2D 2GHz/2GB/20GB Free
OS X 10.5.1

Persists after a reboot.

WTF? Now if I go into a document with a wikilink and use the arrow keys to move to the wikilink, all the text disappears from the window.

Basically the behavior of DTP before the 1.3.4 upgrade.

I’m going to try downloading again.

Edit: Downloading and installing a fresh copy didn’t work.

Getting a whole lot of these in Console:

12/11/07 6:32:45 PM DEVONthink Pro[209] *** -[NSCursor unsignedLongValue]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x16a72310 

Started about the time I created the first document with Wikilinks.

The console message (and all those issues afterwards) is another bug of Leopard’s text engine. The next maintenance release will fix this.