Great review of DTTG 2 … r-ios.html

Hope MacSparky - David Sparks - will mention our great app in one of his coming Podcasts - Macpoweruser.

Mentioned in an earlier thread

Thanks for both mentions. It’s a nice review to read (especially about Sync! :smiley: )

I might be the only Human Being that so far have not have one single problems with sync!

Nope. There are far more than you (myself included).

But the rule of human nature applies: People are slow to praise and quick to complain. Complainers are almost always LOUD about their displeasure (even if they’re the ones in the wrong. And rarely retract a complaint when it’s proven they’re wrong). :cry:

I am somewhat the same - used Windows 8 last week, KNEW before that I would run in to problems - and I did…

But jokes beside, I think that DevonThink is complete now. Feels like I played on the right horse when I decided to skip Evernote some years ago EVEN if DT looked complicated and took some time to learn.

But as in life, if you going to be married for a long time - learn about your partner then it lasts longer and all are happier! :wink:.

I still have a LOT to learn about the DT-eco system but feel very comfortable searching and sorting the result, made it a habit to transfer over all emails I want to save etc.

Your biggest problem now is that you guys have to trumf over yourself and make the system even better even if I do not know anything I need more from DT.


Trump, like luck in a card game, not the presidential candidate.

When you are in a positive position, great mode etc.

Wish I could write in Swedish…

I’ve got thousands and thousands of hours of experience with DEVONthink and I still learn new things about it. It’s not that it’s a difficult app to learn (and I personally disagree with the “steep learning curve” idea people have), but it’s deep and flexible in ways that bring lots of opportunity for discovery. :smiley:

Most important for me was to be stubborn. Like when I changed from PC to Mac 1987.

Just decide to do everything in DT and not have two systems.

:smiley: Brute force and bullheadness has often worked for me in my career. Hahaha!

I’m one of those folks who say it has a “steep learning curve,” and I should probably stop, because it doesn’t really mean what I think it does (historically or technically), and has a negative implication I don’t mean to be conveying. What I want to say is that you need to put in some effort to use the app effectively, but that the more effort you put into it, the greater the payoff, because it is rich in funcitonality. In general, the less effort something takes to master, the more likely it is that it isn’t going to do me any good. Ideally, something is easy to learn, but difficult to master. DT / DTTG isn’t quite there yet, but it is well on the way. All too often people complain about “complicated” apps are when what they probably mean to say is that they installed it, took it for a spin, and didn’t get it. Or, they just want to make a shopping list – in an analogy I saw for some other app today, no one uses “a chainsaw to open a letter,” even though a chainsaw is clearly more powerful than a letter opener. People who are serious about note-taking or personal information management will probably be able to immediately appreciate amazing stuff like replicants or artificial intelligence.

It’s not a “steep learning curve.” Maybe I should say “it takes a little effort to learn, but you get back a lot more than you put into it.”

I’m one of those who thinks it’s got a very steep learning curve. Not to get basic stuff done but in understanding some of the rather odd idiosyncrasies it has and in learning how to integrate it into your every day workflow. Most powerful software is similarly complex although some of the terms used in DT make it harder to learn coming from a background of other systems and apps.

Agreed that DEVONthink is not a simple app, but I look at it this way…
A paper airplane is easier to fly than a 777, but it also won’t get me to Bali :mrgreen:

My resistance to the phrase “steep learning curve” is that it doesn’t make sense. Historically, that phrase simply doesn’t mean “difficult to learn at first.” I think DT could make it a little easier to learn, but I hope it is always difficult to master, because that means it has a lot of depth.

I too feel that DT has a steep learning curve, not only because it is powerful software and has odd idiosyncrasies, but also because many of these odd idiosyncrasies are not well documented and explained. I respectfully ask that the DEVON team produce more detailed and complete documentation on the topics of indexing v. importing and groups v. tags. For me, “search the forums” is not an adequate way of learning how to use these powerful features, nor is experimenting until I understand how things work, because without guidance, one cannot be sure one has understood fully and correctly.

Please feel free to suggest better terms. We are not native speakers and so maybe came up with terms that make more sense in German than in English.