Grey Drag-and-Drop Tab

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I recently upgraded from DT 1.x to 2.0pb4. So far so good–no surprises.

One thing that confuses: How do I turn off the grey drag-and-drop tab? I’m handy enough with ⌘-) and ⌘-( that I don’t really need it.

Also, though I asked long ago, I can’t find the response: The video tutorials for DT and DA are excellent, I bought iShowU as a result of that experience. But there was a 3rd party add-on used that allowed key-strokes to be displayed on-screen in those videos. I’ve forgotten whose software that was. Can someone let me know?


– Gerry

To make the Sorter quit, 1) Click on the Sorter to open it, then click on the action button at the bottom (cogwheel symbol) and choose ‘Hide’. 2) In Preferences > Sorter click on ‘Hide’.

Note that in addition to clippings, the Sorter can accept files from the Finder. If DEVONthink Pro isn’t open at the time, the Sorter will hold the files until DT Pro (or the destination database) is next opened.

Sorry, can’t answer your question about the videos.

Thanks, Bill. I’m surprised I didn’t see either option.

What?!? Like DEVONThink isn’t always on? I consider it as critical as the Finder!

– Gerry