Grey screen and the not-quite beachball...

Hello all,

I downloaded DevonAgent, and am currently playing around with the trial.

I was hesitant, since my initial thoughts/perception of it, was that it was more suited to people using the web in general/broad terms - and that it would not necessarily be terribly useful to an academic, who did most of his searching in specific databases (in addition to JSTOR - Ebsco/Westlaw/HeinOnline etc.).

I did a bit of searching in the forums, came across references to plug-ins and the like - but then found a suggestion to simply work through those databases in the DA browser…

This appears to be quite useful, since it potentially cuts out a step or two, in getting it straight into DTP. The Chrome DTP Bookmarklet doesn’t always allow for a direct import, and is is very much Database dependant.

I will pop up a separate query about the plug-ins option - since whereas using the Browser makes things easier, it presumably bypasses the actual benefit of using DA, which is to be found in it searching multiple places and databases, and collecting all possible hits for you in one place…

Coming back to my DA browser issue - please advise on the following:

Upon opening the full-text in a new tab - the below is as far as things get:

It does appear as if the pdf has loaded properly, since if I select on “Open PDF in Preview” button, it opens up completely - and similarly, a right-click and “Add to DTP” works as is should…
DevonAgent - grey screen options.png

The obvious drawback to this, is that I need to open Preview to confirm the citation information of the article, in order to name it properly on importing it into DTP. Granted - I could do the latter later, but would prefer to have it done without things getting too klunky.

Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated!

Coud you please post the URL of the PDF? And do you already use Mavericks? Thanks!