Grid, Mountain Lion and Accessibility means problems

I have been trying to use one of the window movers in Mountain Lion. First I tried MOOM. Then I tried Grid. Both run into the same Finder bug. If a window has its content changed by some other program, like Terminal, then on the next periodic refresh there Finder will redo the last user command from the window taskbar. Or at least that seems to be an explanation that fits the facts so far. If that command was a “Clean Up” by names the window is likely to be reorganized in a way that was not asked for. For me, Terminal puts quite a few files in the folder and then deletes them. The result is the periodic refresh makes a mess of the folder window.

All you need is Accessibility enabled. I have had the scramble happen without MOOM or Grid active. Even for the Accessibility Inspector as the client.

Grid has an extra problem as its shortcuts conflict with BBEdit and the cycle windows command. Easily fixed by a confusion.

“… by a confusion …” :question: