Grid - no panel, no sign that anything is working...


I’ve just downloaded Grid from the App Store and cannot get it to work at all - I have a window frontmost, then press the shortcut (the default cmd-opt-tilde) and nothing happens at all. No panel appears, there is no change to the selected window and I get no other visual or audible feedback that anything has occurred.

I have made sure that I have chosen a suitable shortcut (BTW the Help File is wrong - the cmd-opt shortcut isn’t chosen by default - the selection is blank in preferences when first installed).

I’ve read the (very short) help file and followed the instructions exactly. I’ve tried using a different shortcut. I have trashed every file I can find relating to the app (including the cache) and reinstalled. I have rebooted my computer, and still nothing works.

My system is a new iMac 27" running the latest version of Lion.

A shame this - I think an app like this will be very useful, but at the moment, it’s just not working for me.



Found the solution…

a) Install Grid. Fail to get it working despite following instructions precisely, then rebooting, reinstalling, changing keyboard shortcut, sacrificing dead cat steeped in virgins’ blood at midnight below the gibbet of a condemned software pirate…

b) Leave it two days.

c) Install Optimal Windows demo. Make no other system changes whatsoever, not even rebooting.

d) Retry Grid on a whim, using exactly the same steps (except for the virgins) that didn’t work before.

Grid now works.

Bizarre, I know, but genuinely true. Perhaps Optimal Windows kickstarted some necessary function of Lion that enabled Grid to work. Whatever: now it works.

Grid requires access for assistive devices, see System Preferences > Universal Access.