Grid View for Inbox

Grid View is a great feature for sorting files quickly. Unfortunately it is only available for groups. For the inbox the blue number where you normally activate Grid View is grayed out.

Sorting and filing away is mostly done in the inbox. So I don’t understand why this very usefull feature is deactivated there, where it would be needed most.

Or maybe this is a bug?

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I don’t know if I’d personally find grid view helpful (I never use grid view on the desktop) but I’d love to play around with it to find out! How have you normally been invoking grid view?

I haven’t seen an option to do so in any context ever and have only ever seen a grid-like view except when it has appeared in the past randomly due to a bug.

It’s not a bug and it doesn’t just apply to the Global Inbox. You can’t invoke the Grid View for any database from the Home screen. This is the first request I’ve seen on this.

Click on the blue numbers next to group names. See details in Help :arrow_right: Manage your items :arrow_right: Use the grid view (iPad).

Correct, you cant invoke it on the home screen at all. And it may make sense for the intelligent groups not to be available. But could you tell me a reason why it is switched off for the top-level folder “inbox” ?
Why are you surprised about this request?
It’s like if Microsoft / Apple switched off drag&drop on the first directory level on a drive. Check your Explorer/Finder - ofcourse it works there, too. I’m pretty sure if such a behaviour would be seen on Explorer/Finder some might this call a bug :smiley:

I didn’t say I was surprised by the request. I was noting it’s the first one I’ve seen.

It’s not switched off; it’s not implemented. The database list on the home screen works differently from group lists.

Well how 'bout that. It was probably around launch time I read the manual for DTTG 2 and totally forgot about this feature.


O.K. understood. Is it planned as a feature request? An alternative could also be a “button” (or any other action, like a swipe) to activate the grid-view inside the currently activated group.

The request is noted but there is no concrete plan to add it at this point.

I would find Grid View for Databases to be very useful and would appreciate it being considered. What is special about a database that makes it different to a Group as regards Grid View? My databases are collections of groups and items, and my groups are collections of sub-groups and items. Structurally, wouldn’t both would look the same in Grid View?

The list of databases is a separate entity, therefore the grid functionality is not there by default. It’s possible, of course. Noted as a feature request.