Group always expanded when database opens

A minor but persistent irritation:

I have a journal database with groups for weeks within month within year… like this:

— 2001 Jan
------ 20w01
------ 20w02
------ etc
— 2002 Feb

I add notes, clipping and so on in the week and so the week I am in stays expanded and everything else I keep collapsed until I need it.

Unfortunately one particular month always expands when I open the database -

Petty I know, but it really annoys me -

Perhaps there is a setting on the view for that group that determines this behaviour - if so can someone tell me where to find it, please!

A screenshot of the sidebar (or is it the List view?) and of Preferences > General would be useful.

agh thanks - deselecting automatically expand and collapse in the sidebar under general settings and checking ‘keep the view’ option has given me the behaviour I wanted and cleared the issue (even if I go back to previous settings)