Group delete in database but not in database in the finder

I’m not shure what I have done in the last weeks with DT Pro.

First I had create a group named QM. This group had a reference to the same folder on my HD with name QM. ???

Today I made copies from the original files from this folder and store it as original in my database.
I delete the group QM in my application DT and found the originals in the folder “Files” in the databse on the finder (Open database in finder with packages open)
In the application DT Pro there ist no group named QM, clear, but in the finder the group QM exists.

Why ??

Should or can I delete this group in the finder manually by hand.


Please see the DT Pro online help:


Synchronize: This command syncs one or more selected groups or documents with their corresponding folders or files in the file system. Syncing also updates imported files which have been edited externally (for example, PDF files modified in Adobe Acrobat). Finally, this command removes database items without external representation. Use Synchronize to keep indexed groups and their originating folders in sync.

To create this link, which is maintained by the Path field in the Info panel, you have to either freshly import/index your folder of choice, or set the Path field manually.

Select the group(s) and/or document(s) and choose File > Synchronize to import all files that have been newly added to the synced folder(s) in the file system.

Note: The synchronization is one-way only, from the file system to the database."


Thanks for answer

But your answer was not the answer for my question, or I don’t understand your answer.

I learned something about store original documents or referenc of documents in DT.

Situation in one database is:

In application window there are 10 files as originals.

  1. xxxx.html

  2. settings.plist

  3. xyz.pdf

  4. abc.pdf

  5. aaa.pdf

In database (in finder) I see it if I open same database with Show Package following folder and files

and so on to

Files > thats a folder with the originals in application window

QM > thats a folder with the same files as in the folder Files.

The folder QM is not in the application window.

I think I can delete this folder with files

I think in a earlier version of this database this folder QM was a reference to a folder on my harddrive and I have delete this reference in application DT.

My question is.

If I had delete this folder with the reference in window of DT, why are not delete this folder in the database of DT.

I know that this folder would not delete on my harddrive, but it should delete in the database.

Jochen (.de)