Group expansion state on copied DBs

Since changes in DEVONthink 1.x, if a database is closed on one machine, copied completely over to another machine, and opened there, the expansion state of the groups is not preserved (i.e., which groups have children show, which hidden, and so on). AFAIK, the change was made to help users who shared databases with other users.

I’d like to (optionally) preserve the expansion state. I’m always the only user of my databases, and I need to use them on two machines - one for my office and one for my laptop. In a complex database I find it important to have the groups arranged just-so when I’m working on a task. If I want to continue after copying to another machine (say, to a laptop) it’s always a start-up task to get the groups arranged the way the way they were before I transferred machines.

Minor annoyance. Few minutes a day. But keeping the full state of a database seems reasonable in a single-user mode.