Group/Folder Behavior?

Just started playing around with DT to see what I think and came across something I find annoying…didn’t see any way to change it in prefs or anywhere.

I have several groups and tend to keep all closed except for the one I am working in. If I drag something from the desktop with the intention of putting it in that open group and happen to cross over any of the closed groups/folders, they pop open instantly. So I end up with everything expanded. Wouldn’t be too bad if they would automatically snap shut but they don’t. The only way I’ve found to avoid this is to make sure I don’t drag over anything else.

BookIt used to suffer from this but the developer has corrected it. Am I missing something? Can this be corrected/avoided?

Liking most of what I’ve played with so far.


Oooops…just saw in Troubleshooting that the next revision should correct this…looks like that revision is running a little late though :slight_smile:

Version 1.7.3 fixes this  :)