Group goes to trash while notes end up in home folder?

I imported a .enex file from Evernote with a couple thousand notes. This created a .enex group in DTPO. I began sorting them and made it about half way through and shut down DTPO and cut off my computer. When I reopened DTPO the .enex group was sitting in the Trash with zero notes inside of it. After a bit of panic, I did a search and was able to find certain files that I knew were in the .enex group when I shut down and eventually found all the files that were in the .enex group sitting in the home folder for the database (clicked on upper left hand corner, house icon.) I checked the user forums and wasn’t able to find a similar issue.

A few questions:

1- Is this a bug or did I do something to cause this?

2- Any potential data loss? Are there any other methods to check for/recover deleted notes other than looking in Trash? It seems like all of the contents of the .enex file are there but with a 1000+ notes, I simply don’t know if I lost any data. I checked the Trash and zero notes were in there. It’s not the end of the world if I did lose any since the most important notes were sorted first.


There are no known bugs that move items to the trash. Does Tools > Verify & Repair report any issues?

Right after it happened, I ran Verify and Repair at it showed something like 5 missing files and may 20 or so orphaned files, and no other inconsistencies.

I moved all of the files from the database home folder, which I accessed by clicking house icon (sorry if incorrect terminology), to a group so I could access and began sorting the files.

I just now ran another Verify and Repair which showed 823 orphaned files. I then ran a repair. The 823 files then began to upload to my database.

Its just odd that all files and notes would move to the database home folder while the empty group would show up in trash. I was moving around large amounts of data throughout app right before this occurred. So maybe things were still working in background when I shut program and computer down.

Regardless, data appears to be safe. I’m chalking it up to user-induced quirk. I’m great at creating those.

Did DEVONthink crash or did you use “force quit”? Because that’s the only known circumstance that could create such issues (and of course external modifications of the database package, e.g. by the user or other software).