Group inside group

I must be missing something but how can I created a new group inside an existing one? When I use the contextual menu or the toolbar button I get a new group at the same level as the group I’m trying to create the new one in. I highlight the folder and choose new group but I always have to drag the new group into the folder.
Here’s a movie to show what I mean. In this example I want to create a new group inside Detailing.

If a group has no sub groups, then New Group could either make a child or a sibling. DTech decided to make siblings. So, yes, you have to move that first group. If DTech had decided to make children, and that isn’t what you wanted, then you’d still have to move that group. Right? Same difference. :confused:

But it seems as though if a folder is selected then the result of creating a new group should go into that folder. So in my movie If I wanted the new group to end up where it did I would think I’d select the parent folder (Autos, which you can’t see) not the sub folder Detailing.

Also if there is already a folder (group) inside a highlighted folder then making a new group WILL be created in that folder. So in my case here if I had a group already in Detailing then highlighted Detailing and chose to make a new group that group would then be made in Detailing and not in Auto. Why the difference in results? Seems a bit inconsistent.

Wish it was easy to find the thread(s) where this has already been discussed ad nauseam …

The following script automates this task of creating a group within a group. I wanted to make a set number (13) of sub-groups under a group that I had selected. The script works fine for that.

Here’s the catch, I also wanted to create a group within a group by selecting multiple existing groups at the same time. When I do this and run the script, it creates the 26 groups I want, but puts them under the root and not in their respective group.
Any suggestions on how to enhance the script, and give it this added feature?

tell application "DEVONthink Pro"
	set selected_group to selection
	if selected_group is {} then error "Please select a group"
	repeat with each in selected_group
		set theWeek to 1
		repeat until theWeek = 14
			set week_name to "Wk " & theWeek
			create record with {name:week_name, type:group} in current group
			set theWeek to theWeek + 1
		end repeat
	end repeat
end tell