Group Name Metadata

I’d like to request a built-in metadata field called “Group Name”. This is available as a placeholder, but it’s not available as metadata. The purpose would be to display a column containing the group name for each item, when items are collected in a Smart Group.

I’m able to work around this by creating Group Name as custom metadata, then assigning it from the placeholder in a Smart Rule. This approach works, but it’s not ideal. Since Group Name is already available as a placeholder, it wouild make sense to also be able to display it in a column, without having to use this kludgy workaround.

The Location attribute already covers that.

It’s too long. I don’t want to have to view the entire location path in a column. I just want the group name.

Create your own custom metadata field, add the parent name, and enable it as a list view column.

I don’t understand what you mean. Add the parent name where? Is there a way to populate a custom metadata field using a placeholder?

Custom metadata is expressly made for arbitrary metadata, i.e., attributes important to an individual or group but not broadly requested or required.

You need to define your own custom metadata. Then of course you can populate it via a smart rule (or I wouldn’t have suggested it as an option)


And you can clearly see the full location under the item’s name in this search, confirming the location group is correct.

Yes, as I mentioned in my first message, I’m currently assigning the group name to a custom metadata field using a Smart Rule. I’m already doing exactly what you demonstrated in your screenshot.

My point is, it would be more convenient if Group Name was available as a standard or optional metadata field, just like Location. This would be much cleaner than having to use this clunky workaround to assign it using a Smart Rule.

I’m sure many people would appreciate being able to display just the group name in a column, instead of the entire location path. Group Name is already available as a placeholder, so clearly your team understands the value in this field. Why not also make it available as metadata?

There have been no other requests I can recall. If there has been, the interest has been insufficient to elicit a change. The request is noted, with no promises.

Thank you

No problem. Development will surely be reading these threads as well.