Group names disappear for notepad view

I m running DT 1.81b on Panther 10.3.3.
When changing views (icon, notepad, column etc) all group (folder) names display fine except for notepad view.

If I change views and go back to notepad all group names disappear (only folders are visible on the left hand side) and they only reappear after dragging/resizing the window pane widget (the vertical bar that separates the folders from the displayed contents) to the right some distance.

That’s only a display glitch after switching views (especially between Note Pad and Outliner) - resizing the separator or the window will fix this (and of course this will be fixed in the next release).

Will that fix the glitch I’ve seen with all but the Name column disappearing from List view windows? I just noticed that happen in a window when starting DT (the Revert state On Startup preference is set) and it’s reproducible. All columns reappear after switching to another view and returning to List.

I also noticed no tooltips appear when mousing over the view-switching icons in the toolbar. I don’t really need 'em but maybe it’s good to add 'em for UI consistency.

And for replies I don’t post, this is a “lazy” acknowledgment for several other fixes/changes you’ve recently made and mentioned in other threads. Thanks!

thanks  Christian

There was a bug in the column handling (up to 1.8.1b) which could cause this glitch too but it’s difficult to tell as I’ve never seen the described problem.

And it’s no longer reproducible at restart after the window was closed and reopened. I’ll let you know if it happens again with any new symptoms.