Group Selector doesn't use newly created group

When I create a new group via the Group Selector it isn’t used automatically. Not sure, but I think in the past a new group was set as the destination.

Just tried this but works as expected. Where exactly did you create the new group?

In the Group Selector that appears after dragging a selection from Safari to DEVONthink’s icon in the dock.

I now tested a bit and it does work if I select a group before creating a new group.

But it does not work if before creating the new group the last used group is the destination. In this case the new group is correctly created in the last used group, but the Group Selector doesn’t use the new group:

Unfortunately I still can’t reproduce this, a screen recording would be great. Thank you!

I first captured a webarchive via dragging to the dock (not in the video), so the destination is “Existierende Gruppe”.

As you can see the newly created group “A” is created inside “Existierende Gruppe”, but it is not used as destination.


Not sure whether the GIF is good enough … (1.3 MB)

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Thanks! Fixed.

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