Group Selector not working while importing scans


I just recently upgraded to v3, besides some minor issues which got fixed recently it worked find. But since the last minor update my Group Selector dialog is showing up, but imported scans nevertheless end up in the global inbox. Even if switch preferences from Group Selector to Global Inbox and back to Group Selector, still imported scans end up in the global inbox and not the selected group/folder.

Any advise?

Best Regards

If you are using a ScanSnap scanner, please see the below topic. A fix is forthcoming.
Edit: I don’t know if the issue is (or is not) limited to ScanSnap. Should not have made that assumption.

This has been reported mutliple times. This is an issue when using the Metadata panel and should be fixed in the next maintenance release.
In the interim you can disable Preferences > OCR > Searchable PDF: Enter metadata after text recognition or just process items from the Global Inbox after scanning.
Thanks for your patience and understanding.