Group that Replicates to Enclosing Group


I’d like to write a script that I can associate with a group, so that when I create a new record in that group, that new record is replicated to the enclosing group.

E.g., I have the following groups:



And say, I create a new record “MAPLE” under TREES, I’d like that record to be automatically replicated to PLANTS.

Can anyone help with this?



The recommendations in user documentation for design of an organizational structure recommend against populating a ‘containing’ group with documents. So in your example, the Plants group should only contain subgroups, not documents. That makes the Classify feature work more smoothly in assisting you to file new content in your database.

However, when the tagging scheme is activated in DEVONthink 2 I suspect it will let you set up the kind of searchable association of tags that you have in mind. For example, all trees are plants, but there are plants that are not trees.

Thanks. That makes a lot more sense - I followed your advice and now everything is much cleaner as well.

So no need for any script –