Grouping documents directly from Classify...drawers ?


  1. In your recent announcement about release 1.3.2, you mention “support grouping of found documents directly from within Classify and See Also drawers”.
    May be I misunderstand what you mean but, for me, this is not a new feature. In deed, it already existed in the previous release: we had the chance either to group multiple groups into one from the Classify drawer or to group multiple documents into one group from the See Also one. Could you please tell us more about this secret new feature :smiley:

  2. Very nice to have a coloured background for RTF documents as well :slight_smile:

  3. Finally, the new look of the dashboard widgets is really nice. More modern, more consistent with our Mac platform and our 21th century and, especially, more adapted to my sight.
    I have a dream :unamused: : this prefigures a brand new look of my favorite apps DT and DA; they will be soon re designed with more colors; they will get rid of their old fashion icons (folders and buttons) and, at the end of the day, this new and pleasant graphical interface will be totally aligned with the current modernity of the application features. One day, for sure :wink:

It’s now available via the contextual menus and the toolbar too and is more reliable as it’s now officially supported :slight_smile:

I would have hoped for something totally new for me :smiley:. Anyway, thank you for your answer and your uninterrupted support. I keep looking forward to getting extraordinary surprises in next releases :wink:.