Just a suggestion – when in edit mode on iOS and selecting multiple files/items, then chose “group” command to place the selected items in a folder, could the default behaviour be the same as on the MacOS and lead to a the text box with a suggested name fully selected and ready over-type the new name of the group? The current default behaviour always names it after the one of the files then adds “and more”, then have to go back and change the name separately every time with multiple steps. PS love this app it’s fantastic and other than would love “open in” and perhaps UI refresh on mac as per other threads have few complaints. When you upgrade to DEVONthink 3 on Mac would be happy to pay for that upgrade as these apps keep me sane and organised (along with Omnifocus) you guys are doing a great job and making great software. Look forwards to what you come up with.


Thanks for the kind words! We have a lot of good stuff coming your way and the feature request is noted. Cheers!