Groups and DTPO2 beta

I’ve got a group selected and press Group from the Toolbar button and DTPO 2 puts the selected folder (group) inside the new group. Is my workflow wrong, am I not understanding how to add groups, or is it a bug?

I would expect a group to be a subgroup of the parent group (folder) that is currently selected when I create a new group.

What’s happening is an existing folder is nested inside the new folder, not what I’m trying to do.




There are two “Group” commands that you can place in the toolbar. The first creates a new, empty group at the same level as the currently selected folder group. This “Group” icon has a green “+” on the folder’s icon and I expect this is the one that you want. This command is also executed by the “Data>New>Group” command.

The second “Group” command, represented by an folder icon with a small down triangle takes a selection of groups and/or documents and places them all in a new group, which is what you are seeing now. This command can be found in the menus as “Data>Group”.

That must have been it. Is the group with the triangle new in v2? I see to the toolbar went back to default, so it’s also a case of the tool bar buttons I’m used to clicking (in a certain location) was changed as well and out of habit was clicking where that group button was.