Groups and Tags in 2.3

Just upgraded to 2.3. I understand that “Exclude from tagging” is now turned on by defaults. However, I didn’t expect the program to actually do it for all of my pre-existing groups. Furthermore, there’s no “Exclude from tagging” context menu item any more and when I go to the info panel, the “Exclude from… Tagging” is greyed out.

Was this the intended behavior or did my upgrade go wrong? How do I get my tags back that used to be groups if there’s no context menu?

Tom S.

Sorry. This should be “How do I turn my groups back into tags if there’s no context menu?”

Tom S.

See File > Database Properties. The previous default was to leave the check box of the option to exclude groups from tagging unchecked. Now the default is with that box checked.

To restore the previous behavior, uncheck the option.

If groups are not excluded from tagging in Document Properties, any single group can be excluded by checking the option in the group’s Info panel.

Thanks, Bill.

Tom S.

Ditto: thanks Bill.

It was at first very surprising (and a bit worrying) to see that all of a sudden the distinction between groups included in and excluded from tagging seemed to have vanished… — I must have missed an announcement of that change…? (Maybe it could have been announced more clearly and visibly?)

It’s also unclear to me why the option of having this distinction has not been left as the default setting? When one has many levels of sub-groups, it seems to make so much more sense to have this distinction.

Anyway: thanks Bill. Ende gut, alles gut, I guess.


I’m surprised to learn that tagging was turned off in existing databases for some users, as I thought the new default behavior applied only to new databases. None of my databases had the tag switch flipped off. :question: