Groups and Tags Panel not in DTP3?

Forgive me for being late to the party, but I’ve stuck with DTPO2 until this morning when I discovered that the final release of DT3 was announced and upgraded. I’m not finding the Groups and Tags Panel, which I used quite a lot in DTPO2 for sorting documents into the appropriate groups. I always invoked it with a keyboard shortcut (Control-Command-G) which does not open it in DT3. Nor can I find it in the Tools menu. Is it hiding? Or for some inexplicable reason has it been dropped from version 3?

There is no Groups & Tags panel any longer.

Use Go > Go to Group and pull the popover off the toolbar to float it.
However, the shortcut is the same Control-Command-G

Oh, I see now. It just looks so very different. Thank you!

You’re welcome :blush: