Groups and Tags Panel not visible in other applications

I am able to open the the Groups and Tags Panel in Devonthink by pressing “Command+Ctrl+G”, but that keyboard combination has not effect in other applications even though I have left ‘Hide “Groups and Tags” panel when inactive’ unchecked in Devonthink’s Preferences. Am I supposed to be able to view the Groups and Tags Panel in other applications and if ‘yes’, how do I do so? Thanks.

Unfortunately the shortcut to show the Groups and Tags panel in DEVONthink will not activate the panel when DEVONthink is not the active application. You can select documents, etc., in another application and while dragging them, switch to DEVONthink with Command-Tab, the Dock, etc. and the Groups and Tags panel will be available.

While in DT, show Groups & Tags. Now you can switch to another application and the panel will remain available.

You can also use the Dock menu to open the panel while another application is active.

Unlike the original poster, I would like •not• to see the Groups & Tags Panel when I switch from DTPro to another application. I checked the box for “Hide when inactive” but that had no effect (making me wonder what that option really does).

Is there a way to hide G & T when switching apps?

The option does exactly what you are wanting it to do, so there is something creating a conflict on your system. It might help to open a support ticket and provide your OS version, etc. to see if anyone else has experienced this before.

Thank you Greg. Choosing the option now does work, who knows why it did not before.