groups become tags on iPad


I have a database with nested groups like that:

Database: “Research”,
Groups: Papers in progress, Papers published, Theses, Colaborations …
Group “Papers in progress” has groups: In writing, With referee
Group “In writing” has groups: Paper1 , Paper2, Paper3 …

After syncing with my iPad, groups in the lowest group ( “In writing” in this case) suddenly become tags (pressing the “i” button shows “Kind Tag”).

This is annoying since I can’t select a single group do be downloaded “on demand”.



Is the option “Exclude groups from tagging” disabled on the Mac (see File > Database Properties)?

I had it enabled during the initial sync. Now I have disabled it, resynced the database, but the issue persists.

OK. Now it seems to be working. I guess I had to wait the the ipad resyncs itself on its own.