Growl notification

Is there a way to convert the group location of a file to a string. I’m trying to add Growl notification to some of my applescripts, so I know exactly where a clipping was just placed. for example, in this piece of script

set theDestination to display group selector "Destination" buttons {"Cancel", "OK"}

I have the user select the group, but when I try to use theDestination as part of a Growl notification string, applescript gives an error. Thanks.

(location of theDestination as string) & "/" & (name of theDestination as string

…should work.

Nope. I get this error

The “/” is actually unnecessary but…

(location of theDestination as string) & (name of theDestination as string)

…works over here (requires of course “tell application “DEVONthink Pro” … end”)

This seems to work fine though. Thanks!

tell application "GrowlHelperApp"
				set theGroup to (name of theDestination as string)
				notify with name myNotice title myTitle description theTitle & growlMessage & theGroup application name myGrowlApp
			end tell