Growl notification

DA supplies several ways to notify that a search is complete. But I’d rather GROWL than the bouncing dock icon or a sound. Growl is less obtrusive: the bouncing icon is pretty annoying I find. Grow can contain pertinent information (number of pages found, for example).

As far as I remember there is a Growl script included in the Extras folder in the distribution.

Thanks, Peter, that’s a good tip. If Growl notification is set on the search set being used, when the search is complete a floating notification pane will appear over the frontmost application, displaying the query and the number of results.

For those who prefer this notification, here’s the how to:

As DEVONagent is Growl-ready, all one has to do is download Growl and install it as a Preference Pane.

In DEVONagent, use Tools > Edit Search Sets. Click on the Actions tab. Under Actions check Execute Scripts and use the pop-down button to list the available scripts and to choose Notify by Growl.

Note: Several actions can be set in this panel, so DEVONagent can do some rather sophisticated actions, some of which include automatic addition of results to the Archive and/or DT Pro. You can have an email sent to your Apple Mail client, which will list the search results.

If you are running a custom schedule search, set actions so that new results are shown, and the results of each search are sent to the Archive. Next time the search is run, you will see only the new results.