Gut Check/Reality Check: DTPO is my default for all doc type

I’m using DTPO to conduct some basic research and pull together some files - keyword searches, semantic analysis etc.

Once done with the analysis, I used DPTO to put the data in shape to export to Word and send to the client…

But now what? I feel like I want ALL correspondence and docs in DPTO. But I seem to have two similar docs now - one in word in the finder. One in DPTO.

I suppose, I could just delete the copy in the finder. But over the course of a day it could be annoying to do that multiple times?

I tried to attach the file in DPTO to my GMAIL email, but I got some wierd looking attachment.

Just thinking out loud…curious what others do…

  • Ryan

DTPO makes a good hub to control all your project documents. Here is some of what I do:

You could keep your Word document(s) in DTPO and open them from DTPO to Word when you want to edit. If you are using indexing in DTPO, then just save your Word file to the folder that you are indexing, synchronize, and the file will be visible in DTPO and can be opened from there to Word (Data > Open With…).

If you are importing your files into DTPO, then you need to do a one-time two-step: create the document in Word, save it to the Desktop, then import it to the group in DTPO where you want it. From that point on, use Open With… to open the file to edit in Word.

In either case, as you wished, there is only one instance of the Word document, and it is up-to-date in DTPO as soon as it is up-to-date in Word.

On the weird attachment problem. Sometimes GMail does not play well with files that are missing extensions, or if file associations have been boluxed up in OS X, or the format is unrecognized, or any of a number of problems. I’d suggest sending your file to DTech support and letting them have a look-see.