Had to buy it. :)

Hey Devonpeople,

A few days ago, I got my RSS feed from your blog announcing DevonSphere Express. I watched the video and it seemed very cool, but basically a souped up version of spotlight, albeit with quite apparent DT integration.

I checked the forum and saw a lot of problems some people were having with memory and the like, but I figured: You know what? It’s still brand new. So I got it anyway, as I’m addicted to DevonThink Pro and DevonAgent since August.

Have to say: I’m still uncertain how to use it effectively, but I am glad I got it. It has been useful a few times. The thing is that for five bucks, I couldn’t say no and I am expecting a lot more enhancements in the future anyway. As I see it, it’s a bargain. :slight_smile:

So I just want to post that I’m pretty darn pleased with it so far and I haven’t had any real problems with memory yet.

I know it sounds like a fanboy post, and it is. :slight_smile:

As for the memory it’s using: 243 megs. DT uses 855 megs currently, so it’s not bad in comparison. :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for the really interesting product and definitely looking forward to seeing more enhancements in the future.

Thanks for the encouraging feedback and the support :slight_smile: