Hand-made annotations made with apple pencil look more nuanced on macos

I’ve found that after last update, pdf documents annotations made with apple pencil (not highlights but on hand made writings), look more nuanced and bright on the mac os version of Devonthink while on the ipad everything is fine. This affects also previously annotated documents.


I think it might be useful for you to post screenshots. Your description sounds like something positive to me (I like things to be nuanced), but that is obviously not what you are experiencing.

This is how It looks:

This is how It should be (from DTTG ipadOS):

As you can see there are additional lines too

I can confirm this behaviour, have this too when writing with pencil into PDF on iPad and later sync to Mac. On Mac it looks as shown above.

regards Frank

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Please send some example documents to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com - thank you!

Email in on the way


I’m glad to see this is being looked at already. I’m experiencing the same problem. I believe it started with 3.8.3, but it could have been an earlier release that I did not notice until 3.8.3.

Any update on this? I’m encountering the same issue. It appears that if I open the PDFs in Preview, they display and print properly, but displaying/printing in DEVONthink 3.8.3 give improper results.

The next maintenance release will fix this and will probably be available later this month (but no promises).

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That’s wonderful news! Looking forward to it.