Hand written notes in iPadOS to DT with search capabilities

Hello. Is there anyway to take notes on an iPad with the pencil and save notes into DEVONthink and have search capabilities in the handwritten text?

Thank you

If you’re using iPadOS and an Apple pencil with a PDF, you can use the Scribble feature with a text block.
You’d just need to enable Scribble in iOS’ Settings > Apple Pencil.

Here’s a quick example…

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I use the Notability app to take handwritten notes on an iPad
saved to Devonthink in pdf format using the share menu
Since the pdf is ocr’d by the Notability app, I have search capabilities in Devonthink
Screen Shot 2021-10-03 at 23.11.18

As @BLUEFROG posted, with the Scribble feature transcribing-to-text on the fly
you can use handwriting in a DTTG note
Notability also has a transcription-to-text feature


This is exactly what I was looking for and hoping was possible. Thank you…