Handling Notes with DTP3

I want to handle my notes with DTP3. I’ve tried Apple Notes.app with iCloud, Joplin with NextCloud, CloudNotes with NextCloud. None of them works as reliably and comfortable as I expect it. Is there in DTP3 an approach that suits on quickly written notes that later can be found, tagged and organized, or processed into tasks, reminders or events in the calendar?

It sounds like what you’re looking for is more along the lines of a task management or a to do list manager (generically speaking).

I personally haven’t had any luck using any of the notes apps to manage like what you depicted above. None of them are all that quick to use. Although I find Apple Notes to be the quickest to launch and start typing, it has no functions for much more than that.

When it comes to lists of things to do or needing a reminder, I found that the task managers are actually better at this. I can add a new task and mark it for a reminder far quicker in something like Things 3 or Wunderlist than I can with the note apps. If it’s something I want to keep as a note, I can easily share it into DT from the Things and expound on it from there.

or processed into tasks, reminders or events in the calendar

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You are describing Things 3 in a nutshell.

Also a less costly but fits right in your prescription. A new app called PopDo it integrates with Reminders as well.

I’m increasingly using DT3 as my note taking app of choice on Mac, just adding RTFs to relevant folders (iOS leaves something to be desired in terms of text editing). I also run Ulysses for quick drafting if I need to share between platforms, and periodically export to DT.

For tasks, I would check out ToDoist who have a free tier; though I pay happily for the premium version of the app. It’s outstanding, runs on web, apps, and all platforms, and is very fast and so far rock-solid. My DT3 is more of an archive/file store and the prime space for research; and the to-do list handles a different part of my workflow and home life, as other commenters have also said. Some note taking apps allow for lists and check boxes, for example, but I have way too many projects and todos listed for that to be convenient.

I sometimes enter links to DT items directly to my todos if I really need this interaction, but to be fair that’s very rare indeed. Todoist have very good intergrations with a number of services including calendars in case you need that sort of thing regularly.

I moved away from Things though loved it back in the day. Both do what you are describing very well indeed.

I accomplish a lot of what you’re describing with drafts. It has a lot of developer and user created actions that allow you to quickly process notes and send them to a variety of applications, including devonthink. It used to be iOS only, but there’s now a Mac app, which has just about all of the functionality as the iOS apps. As others have mentioned, you’ll probably also want a good dedicated task manager (e.g., OmniFocus).

I would echo what chrisbirdsall said about drafts. There is an add-on action called Meeting Notes and Omnifocus Tasks which can identify tasks in a draft, export them to Omnifocus (I believe there is something similar for Things) and export the text to DEVONthink.
Drafts is restrictive about formatting and tags don’t transfer but the basic functionality is impressive.
If you are a visual thinker, MindNode does this natively.