Handling of nested and new folders

How does DEVONsphere Express handle nested folders? It indexes “/user/documents” by default, right? Does it index all the nested folders in that folder? No matter how many levels there are? What about folders outside “/user/documents”?

How does it handle new folders? If I add a new folder, say, at the top of my user directory or in “user/documents”, will it index it automatically or I must I add new folders to the list of indexed folders in the preferences?

It would be good if the help files said more about folders.

Thanks for any help.

That’s right.

Only if they’re added to the locations or if they’re subfolders of the existing locations.

It should be automatically indexed.

Hi, cgrunenberg. Thanks for your response.

So any new folder outside “user/documents” or outside another folder listed in the locations has to be added to locations before it will be indexed? And every time I create such a folder, I have to remember to update the list of locations?

It would be better for me if DEVONsphere would just index everything in my user directory and maintain that index. I tried that approach, but it didn’t seem to work. Is it supposed to work? Am I missing something?

Many thanks for your help.

If you add ~/Documents, every new folder you add to your Documents folder will automatically be indexed. Apple does not suggest you to create your own folders in your home directly but in e.g. ~/Documents instead.