Handwriting Recognition and PDF Cropping

Hi there,

I really love the DT Pro Office software, it’s currently my main working tool, i.e. the piece of software that I spend most of time on. (Only thing I’m annoyed by is that occasionally PDF imports don’t work properly, i.e. some pages turn out to be corrupt).

Having said that, I’d love two additional features to be implemented:

1 - Cropping of 2-page-up scanned books (i.e. via Bliss PDF - would be nice to have that within DT)

2 - A handwriting recognition of the type that Evernote uses - so retain the original picture but make it searchable. That would be such a fantastic feature!

Keep on the great work, cheers,

Oh, and here’s the link to briss :wink:


“briss” - what a funny name for a ‘cropping’ application :laughing: