Hang on Mltple img input to the DT To Go 2.0 share extension

I use the app Workflow on iOS to build Automator style scripts on my iPhone. One is a simple “get url, get contents, get images, sort by file size displaying up to 10, select (multiple allowed), Share”.

When I run this and choose any of the Apple apps to send the multiple selection, it works fine. Notes, Photos, Mail, etc. The attachments or import goes smoothly.

However when I send multiple images to DEVONthink To Go 2.0, the share sheet never appears, the workflow app appears “hung” with the animated spinner continuing, but no DT share sheet pop up.

When I send a single image to DTTG2 with the same above Workflow, it works fine.

This is not a problem in the Photos app. That appears to hand off the content just fine to DTTG2, multiple image selection is fine for import to DTTG2.

Not sure if Workflow is responsible for not handing the multiple selection off to DTTG2 or if DTTG2 is failing on some condition that’s simply from a non Apple app with multiple item share action.

Reporting this to the Workflow app people as well, thanks!

Filed a support ticket on this and emailed similar report to Workflow.is devs.