Hanging while saving when I switch documents

Devonthink keeps hanging on me, using 80% cpu for about a minute before unfreezing. I think it is saving a PDF I’m working on.

I don’t remember Devonthink doing this before. I imported a PDF+Text (17 MB) yesterday. I’m reading and highlighting it.

As I got I’m taking notes in an Annotation document, and copying and pasting choice quotes from the highlighted PDF.

Frequently when I switch to my Annotation document Devonthink freezes, for less than a minute, but quite annoying. Then it unfreezes and seems fine.

If I do a “Save” while in the PDF it does a similar freeze, so I think it is trying to save the PDF before I can switch to the other document. Is this behaviour expected and necessary?

Is there something about this PDF that’s causing this? I note that I have other 17MB and bigger documents, but this one has 300 pages compressed in there. Others with the same file-size but far fewer pages must have bigger file-size/page?

Any way to tame this many-paged pdf? Or, I could just realize it’s unusually needy.

Devonthink 2.8.5, Mac OS 10.9.5
MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz 8GB ram

I suggest opening a ticket with Support. They might want some additional information from the Console, etc., and can diagnose and help you with the problem a lot better than the forum can.