Happy Customer and Calendar Question

I’ve just started using DT Professional after a long, long hiatus from using DT Standard. I have to say that so far I think DT Professional is the greatest. I still have so very much to learn about its capabilites and its quirks (all software has quirks) and I don’t expect to write much until I’m more familiar with the product.

The thing I’ve been looking for a long time is a program that allows me to do almost all I need to do within that one program. So far, DT is closer to that target than anything I’ve used (and I’ve been on the Mac since 1984).

Anyway, enough gushing, I guess, and on to my question. One program I use a lot is iCal. Is there any kind of “calendaring” in DT or is there a way to use iCal within DT or to link up with it some way??

Santiago de Puriscal
Costa Rica