Happy Scriptember!

Hello Fellow DEVON Scripters!

Throughout September, my website Veritrope.com will feature a number of substantial revisions to my existing AppleScripts (including the DT/Evernote and Evernote/DT scripts to take advantage of Evernote’s newly-improved AppleScript support).

It’s part of a collective effort to raise funds for students in Laos that I’m calling “Scriptember” — and I think you’ll be a fan once the whole thing gets the big reveal later this month!

But I wanted to let you know about a modest, initial step towards that announcement: I have just opened up an AppleScript Code Library for testing. It’s still in beta – so there’s no link on my navigation bar just yet… but for those who want an early peek, here’s a direct link:

There are some excellent resources to learn AppleScript available (you’re on one now, in fact), but I hope to augment those by offering another resource to you. It’s a “project-oriented” place for you to share your bits of AppleScript with others — or to find some snippets of code you can reuse in your own AppleScript projects.

You will also be able to add your own projects through a simple submission form. Your fellow scripters can offer suggestions for streamlining your code… or offer their thanks for your help! Think of it as a more boutique version of the (wonderful) MacScripters site.

To get things started, I’m a loading in bits of code I’ve done myself – or cool AppleScripts that I’ve seen around. For example, Über-Scripter korm’s DEVONthink Pro to Personal Brain script is an awesome example of working with XML via AppleScript – so I loaded it in there to help a reader who was trying to build his own Mail to Personal Brain app.

Anyhow, it’s a little rough around the edges… but I’m going to give you guys a few days to play around with it while the look and workings are still being sorted out and I’m loading in code snippets. Please try it out, submit your own faves, and let me know what you think. When I think it’s in fairly stable shape, I’ll add it to the navigation bar up top as a fully-fledged part of this site.