Happy with DT3 :)

Just to say that I haven’t posted for a while. And that’s because I’ve got nothing to post about. I’m using DT3b6, I’ve completely migrated two databases by hand from a different piece of less pleasing software, I’m using DT3 on a daily basis and just enjoying it. You must be getting close to the final version, and I’d like to wish you good fortune for this last leg of an enormous journey. I love what you’ve created, and I’m most grateful to all involved - you really do create value for money. I’m aware that your work doesn’t end when DT3 is finally published - but perhaps you get to open a beer.

So thanks y’all!


Hear, hear.


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DITTO! Many, Many thanks for such a great product.
:smile: \o/


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et al:
We’re blushing :slight_smile: :heart:

But you don’t have to stop! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Well said, @Blanc. I’m sure there will always be improvements to be made, and I’m certainly not the most demanding DT user. But it’s already a joy to use – Markdown support, brilliant OCR, smart rules… Thank you for making my life easier.

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I have to jump in here also. User since 2007, DT1. Relatively modest use, simple DBs. DT3 is a really superp step. And the user support has to be one of, if not the, best of any Mac software.

Congratulations to the whole team at Devon Technologies, and many thanks to the users who make this forum an invaluable reference as well.


…and it’s done! DT3 has been released, and I have just installed it on my second device, migrated my databases, removed DTPO2 and - following my own personal beta phase - entrusted my digital life to this rather nifty new piece of software.

Back to everyday boring life… until, of course, iOS 13 and Catalina are released :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: