Has anyone developed document version tracking in DevonThink?

I increasingly set up work folders on projects in DevonThink. This means I usually have a set of live documents that are evolving.

Has anyone developed an automated way to do version tracking of live documents in DevonThink? I can manually do this, but it would be nice to do this in an automated way in DevonThink or by indexing a folder with DevonThink where the automated process occurs.

The main files would be word and excel, but occasionally markdown.

Using Smart Rules, see Version Folders - #2 by Blanc

fwiw My backup process (Arq Premium) is hourly incremental
I can recover previous document versions

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No DEVONthink will not generate live versions. However, see the built-in Create Version and Remove Obsolete Versions smart rules.

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I have Time Machine running but was looking for something that would create a version copy at the time of saving new changes and edits.

I think it might be possible to set up a MS One Drive directory and index it with DT. When you use MS Word in conjunction with One Drive, the versioning feature becomes active. It might also be possible to use git in a similar fashion.

I don’t want to over complicate this, so for now I will set up a couple of smart rules. I will keep looking into this as versioning is becoming an increasingly important part of my archival strategy.

You could create a Git repository and index that with DT. But that’s probably overkill. And: Excel and Word (your “main files”) are ZIP archives nowadays that don’t lend themselves easily to a display of differences. If that’s what you’re after.

Probably a better option for MS documents.