Has anyone figured out auto-play in DTP?

I have two ways of automatically adding content to DTP. DevonAgent does keyword searches and adds relevant PDF’s to the database. I also have RSS feeds that are followed in DTP or in FEEDLY and moved into DTP automatically.
The problem is, that when something is added that contains an embedded video, it will begin playing loudly for about 5-6 seconds before stopping. I have turned off every auto-play reference I can find in DTP, but that isn’t working. Has anyone found a way to stop it?

What exactly do you add in these cases and how? E.g. do you clip websites?

Most are RSS feeds. So DT captures the feed, and turns it into a PDF. But I am guessing the feed comes first as a Web Clip and then gets converted, so maybe the 5 second video plays during the pause between capture and conversion.

Please post the URL of such a PDF, thank you!