Has Anyone Tried Devonthink on Snow Leopard

Interested to know if it works without issues or not.

Bump, is Snow Leopard available right now? Thought we were going to need to wait a few more weeks.

Won’t be able to run it on our G4 & G5 but we want to update our Intel computers with it as quickly as possible.

The people legally running Snow Leopard are under nondisclosure agreements (NDA) and are not supposed to talk about it yet. :slight_smile:

But Apple announced earlier this week the upgrade price ($29), which should please many, many people. It’s not yet available for sale.

See Apple’s page for news.

After only 42 minutes?!? :open_mouth:

Hey, if you’re holding your breath, that’s an eternity!

I saw someone wandering around in a DEVON Technologies shirt yesterday @ WWDC, so I’ll be they’re aware of the fact that Snow Leopard is on the way :smiley:

I’m around at the WWDC, you can say “hi” if you see me again. :wink: