Has the e-mail gone out yet ?

The last issue of DEVONtalk said that an e-mail would be going out to registered users showing how to pay the upgrade price for Pro. Does anybody know whether or not this e-mail has gone out ? If it hasn’t gone out, I’ll wait patiently. My purpose isn’t to bug people. It’s just to make sure my e-mail didn’t get lost.

I got one a couple of weeks ago

I too received mine a couple of weeks ago.

For the benefit of those registered users who may not have received the email, a copy is appended below:



Yes, it’s true. With a bit of delay :wink: we have now officially released DEVONthink Professional as public beta. While quite a few features initially planned for the Professional edition have already made it into DEVONthink Personal, the rest and much, much more is coming now.

DEVONthink Professional targets, the name says it, professional users with features like multiple databases, sheets and extensive AppleScript support that allow integrating DEVONthink into any workflow by using scripts and folder actions. Scripts can even be attached to groups to make them “smart groups” with unseen flexibility.

The new concept of sheets combines the database-oriented approach of records with a table-like view for keeping and maintaining structured data such as reference lists or data collections. The new download manager as well as the possibility to store web pages as WYSIWYG editable webarchives allow easy archiving of interesting web pages and offline browsing of complete web sites directly from within DEVONthink Professional. New import and export plug-ins exchange data with OmniOutliner, other OPML compliant applications, BibTeX, iData 2 and the Mac OS X address book, and the web site export plug-in lets you publish information from DEVONthink readily prepared for your homepage. An iPod export plug-in converts selected documents for viewing on-the-go.

Also, DEVONthink Professional’s integrated web browser and the AppleScript engine are able to handle RSS, RDF, RSD and Atom newsfeeds and so allow to comfortably clip recent news to the open database. Other pro features are the full screen mode, the Mail-like three panes view for easy navigation and the Dashboard widget for searching your main database from almost everywhere. Finally, DEVONthink Professional has no restriction on the number of PDFs and images in the database.

The final release of DEVONthink Professional is scheduled for the 17th of August, 2005. The public beta does not need to be registered and runs until the 31st of July, 2005. A new public beta will, of course, be available until then.

If you purchase or have purchased DEVONthink before DEVONthink Professional has been released as final version, you are entitled to upgrade for just the price difference of US$ 35. No handling fee or such will apply. If you are a DEVONthink Personal user and don’t receive your coupon within the next few days, please send us an e-mail including your registration details to info@devon-technologies.com.

So, enough said. Just go ahead and download your copy of DEVONthink Professional Public Beta here:



And because we’re so excited, we have prepared a new issue of DEVONtalk, our PDF newsletter, for you. Besides DEVONthink Professional, we talk about Apple’s move to Intel processors, our free Mac OS X services, give some tips & tricks and say “Hi” to Annard Brouwer and Bill DeVille, our new DEVONtechies. And, finally, we talk to Ed Vawter, a true power user, about how he uses DEVONagent for his heavy-load Internet research. Ed also wrote more than 100 DEVONagent plug-ins for searching various specialized search engines.

So, don’t miss DEVONtalk 1/2005 and download your free issue here:

[devon-technologies.com/files ... 005-01.pdf](http://www.devon-technologies.com/files/devontalk/DEVONtalk%202005-01.pdf) 

Sincerely, yours

Eric Boehnisch-Volkmann, President DEVONtechnologies LLC

Note: If you want to be removed from this free newsletter, please send an e-mail to info@devon-technologies.com with subject “Remove” and we’ll delete you from our distribution list.

ADDENDUM: If you are a registered DT PE user and have not received the coupon for upgrade, note the link above to send a request!

Thanks to everybody who replied, and to the folks at DT. I e-mailed them and I’m all set up now.