Has the smart group icon changed?

Am I going mad - it appears to me that in my copy of DTPO the icons for smart groups has changed to a blank document icon. I’m sure that it used to be something else.

Am I going mad? Is this a bug, or is this normal?


I suppose the fist question is a kind of Turing test 8) – don’t know if it’s a bug – but definitely not normal and not the way these icons look over here. Maybe a reboot is needed? Looks like there could be an iconcache issue over there.

I’m seeing the same thing today-never noticed it before now.

As a side note, it doesn’t look like you have the latest version of DEVONthink. The display of the number of items in a group changed in the latest release. Look at the blue token in your picture compared to the gray in mine.


I restarted and the issue remains.

Hmm, maybe it’s a bug introduced in 2.3.4 (to which I updated today.)

Over here 2.3.4 shows the normal icons.

Have you updated to 10.7.4? I wonder if this could possibly be the cause, as I am fairly confident that I did not see this myself before today. But then, I could be mistaken! :laughing:

You’re right. This definitely looks like a OS10.7.4 issue to me!

Seeing the same thing here with DtPO 2.3.4 in 10.7.4. My system back up with 10.7.3 - system status from Monday, user account status from this morning - shows the icons as they used to be.
Repairing permissions from the recovery HD, deleting all user and system caches, repairing the file system nor restarts did help.

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His blue tokens appear only in the sidebar, while his item count in the bar to the right meets the display for the items in a group from your screenshot from the same area where the contents of a single database is listed.

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Yup, I had noticed that after I posted it, but then the OP had already edited his post to show the DB icons so I didn’t correct myself.

Oh, sorry, I came late to the thread and didn’t see the original picture. :slight_smile:

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The 10.7.4 update also introduced a bug that causes Mellel to display a white cursor instead of a black one. I suspect Apple will need to fix this OS release sooner rather than later.

Apparently 10.7.4 introduced a number of 1024x1024 HiDPI Retina-ready icons to the system icon set. I believe DEVONthink is using the system icon for Smart Folders. The SmartFolderIcon.icns file is located in


In 10.7.3 (over here) that icon is a 512x512 image. If one of you on 10.7.4 wants to navigate to that location and check the icon size and post it, it might help confirm that the 10.7.4 update altered the icon and DEVONthink needs to adapt to the change. (Might also explain the Mellel issue that Greg noted.)

Has anyone cleared the DEVONthink cache (DEVONthink > Empty Cache)? There are also several icon caches in OS X that affect Finder and folder icons, and these caches are not in the standard Cache folders in the libraries. Deleting those icon caches can also solve certain problems.

The image on my system still shows as 512x512.

I had not cleared the cache in a long time, but did so after the icon issue came up-no difference.

The size has changed, but resolution is the same as shown in Greg’s screenshot.

I just substituted the one from 10.7.4 with the one from 10.7.3, corrected user and group settings accordingly, deleted system as user caches (which includes DtPO’s cache) once again and rebooted: No change.

Interesting - although the file changed (size) between 10.7.3 (below) and 10.7.4:

Hum. Same… Experienced brief WTF? moment upon reboot.

DTPO Smart Groups:

10.7.3: Purple Gear icon
10.7.4: Folded Document icon

I raised a ticket and got a reply. It will be fixed in the next point release.