Having images of Markdown files into a single folder/group. Is it possible? How?

I save the web articles as Markdown, and DT3 automatically downloads the images and save it into the “asset” group.
The matter is: eventually I get an asset group per each group were I’ve saved my Markdown files.
If I move the MD file to another group I lose the transclusion of the images.

Any way to have the transclusion still active even when I move the Md file?

Something like: the related images move with the file

or: I set a single “asset” folder where all the images of all the MD files are stored, so that I keep the transclusion no matter where I move the files.

Of course I’m open to other solutions… :wink:

One way of doing that (which I use) is to refer to the images by their respective item link. To do that right click on the image, choose Copy Item Link and then incorporate the image link in your markdown file like this:

!Item Link goes here

(Don’t omit the exclamation mark.) The image will then display and will move with the markdown file if you move that markdown file.


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Ye,s you can create a per database asset group in the root of the database.

Just add a prefixing forward slash in Preferences > Files > Markdown > Import images to group, like so…

Images will be stored in this common asset group and an item link used in the document.

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You gave me a new way to work with internal links.
Thank you!

It works!
Thank you very much!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: