having to force quit

I’m having a strange problem. It has happened occasionally in the past after a having the computer on for a couple of days with no restart and lots of entry into DT that on quitting, DT hangs up and I have to force quit.

Now it’s happening much more often and not under the same conditions. I’d say more than half the time I try to quit DT the db closes and then DT hangs and hangs and I have to force quit. When I get the force quit window it says Dt is not responding. I have taken to shutting my computer down each night and rebooting the next morning since everything seems to work more efficiently, but this problem is still happening. I always do lots of work in DT, so that will never change. It’s my workhorse and the foundation of everything I do.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that my system memory usage has really gone up since the last OS update—it might have been going up all along, but I never noticed. I was noticing slowdowns so I started to monitor this more closely. Anyway, as a result I stopped using all but the most essential widgets and programs and got a lot more streamlined (can’t afford more RAM right now). I would have expected that I would see less of this issue, but it hasn’t changed.

So, I’m wondering if there are any ideas on why this is happening and how I can get it to stop. I’m running DT on an iBook, 12" 1.2 mhz, 768 RAM, 80 gig hard drive (only half full). I’ve never had a problem with DT—my searches are very fast, no slowdowns, etc.—before except for the occasional hang up which was never a big issue. I’m concerned about why this might be happening so often now.



Closing a database shouldn’t hang. Did you try to use “Backup & Optimize”? Maybe this will improve things. Anyway, if this shouldn’t happen again, then please launch Apple’s Activity Monitor (see /Applications/Utilities), open the information panel for DT Pro and press the “Analyze” button. Then save the analysis, send it to me and I’ll check what’s causing the slowdown. Thanks!

Will do all of the above. Many thanks.