Having trouble exporting project template

For some reason I’m suddenly having problems exporting a set of groups and files as a DTP project template.

I’ve created a parent group (e.g., [ PROJECT] ), and have about a dozen groups underneath it. I select all of them – [ PROJECT] and all the groups and files underneath them – and then select File>Export>as Template.

When I select the project template in Data>New from Template it doesn’t include [ PROJECT] – it just creates all of the groups that fell underneath it and all of those groups appear as replicants!

I expect I’m making some obvious mistake, but just can’t figure out what it is…

Could you please post a screenshot of the selection? Thank you!

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Thanks for your response - and sorry for my slow reply.

I figure out what I did wrong: I selected all of the groups & files along with the parent file; I should’ve just selected the parent file itself.

Still, I’m facing along weird problem: even though the project template reproduces everything perfectly, it looses the Indexed groups that I set up. In some cases, when I (mistakenly) selected the group - children, those Indexed groups remained intact.

So, now I’m keeping a dummy project folder in only of my databases, and just “duplicating” it. It’s far from ideal, but at least it does maintain a bunch of Indexed groups (which are a pain to set up each time).

Any ideas / suggestions for ways to set up a project template that will maintain Indexed groups that are nested within it?

Thanks so much!

Templates don’t support indexed items so far.

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I sent you a smart template that also indexes a specified folder.

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Thanks. I got that, but it seems like there might be solution within reach… Maybe it’s with filing a feature request somewhere?

Also, I think I was able to created indexed groups in one of my mangled project templates (as I recall).

Yes! I thought I had replied to you message, but now see that I didn’t. Sorry about that… Will do so soon! In short, it didn’t work — but I’ll send you a longer reply. Thank you for your help with that!

If use a template inside an indexed group, then it should create new indexed items.

He wants to create a template then contains a mix of groups and indexed groups.

This is what I sent him and it’s indexing a group named export on the Desktop.

Simple Group with With Indexed Group.templatescriptd.zip (8.4 KB)

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It’s actually a bug that this is partially working. In addition, usually it’s recommended to index a folder only once in each database.

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First of all, thank (again) @BLUEFROG for making this for me. I really appreciate all of your generous help. In my case, this temple didn’t create “a mix of groups and indexed groups” – it just created groups.

Anyway, as @cgrunenberg said…

Just to be clear, I’ve got a PARENT folder>Various sub-folders>One subfolder contains a set of Indexed groups. Let me know if that’s clear – and kosher. Thanks!

BTW, I partly use this set of Indexed groups for large files that fall that should exist outside of my DB’s and as a work-around for shared groups that cannot be indexed – because they’re in separate databases. Not ideal, I know, but it’s the solution that I came up with. Having said that, I’m happy to consider another approach you guys would recommend!

Thanks so much again!

Just to clarify one point: I’ve been duplicating a dummy project folder, and by doing so I’m able to reproduced my Indexed groups. This is basically a project template hack that’ll create Indexed groups. So, that’s why I though it would be possible to also do this as proper project template.

Are these duplicates used in the same database?

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So, the dummy project folder was in the database, and then I would duplicate it inside the same database. I’ve moved it out of the database for now, just to declutter that database.

Ok, so I’m guessing I can either duplicate the dummy project folder – which contains my Indexed groups set up – or just use a Project Template that does not contain Indexed groups. Correct?


Both should work.

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