HD hog

I just did a deep scan, and DA filled by whole HD (I had 1.5 GB free space). I did not know it did this, and should be made clear to users.

Is there a setting that won’t do this? Like look at the info and then discard what isn’t relevant immediately?

I always thought DA deep scan searches slowed my iBook down because it was working so hard - now I realize it is because it was working hard AND copying an enormous amount of files to my HD.


Just disable the option to cache downloaded pages.

Thanks Christian. Can I suggest that you clearly highlight this in the userguide, or even somewhere in the search window. It doesn’t matter too much for most searches, but for the deep scan this can quickly clog one’s computer.

Can I suggest that you clean out your hard drive? :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t even write a shopping list with only 1.5GB free.

There’s nothing left to get rid of :slight_smile: and money’s tight so I’m stuck with my iBook for awhile yet. I’ll update to a macbook pro eventually.

40 gb’s ain’t what it used to be…