HDR progress bar!?

I just noticed something odd when opening DEVONthink on my new MacBook Pro: The progress bar on the splash screen uses the HDR display to appear in blinding white, brighter than anything else on the screen. Is this deliberate, or a bug?

No idea what you’re seeing. Can you post a quick screencast?

Aha! It only happens if Photos is running. I’m guessing Photos does something that enables HDR on the display.

It’s also extremely difficult to document. Screenshots don’t capture HDR depth, screen movies made with QuickTime don’t either. I eventually resorted to videoing the screen with my iPhone and then frame grabbing from the fraction of a second the splash screen was visible for. Still not terribly clear, but I hope you can see that the white of the progress bar is much brighter than the white of the Finder window.

there is software available which you can point to a pixel and it will tell you the exact colour RGB. I suspect the two “whites” are not the same.