Hebrew OCR Request

When I purchased DT Hebrew OCR was working, For some reason the updated version seems not to.
I saw response on this community that it is not supported and if some Hebrew user want Hebrew OCR he needs to reach ABBYY and buy for himself license beside the DT purchase, bit occuard and strange given the fact the it was integrated in the older version of DT. Why is it so difficult to bring back the Hebrew OCR via DT?

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Are you referring to DEVONthink, not DEVONthink To Go?

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Thank you for the quick response, I refer to the Devonthink Pro for mac, although the Hebrew search inside documents DTTG is gone in the newer version.

OCR for Hebrew is under a different license from ABBYY.

This is what I’m seeing in DEVONthink To Go 3…

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The word typed in the search bar does not appear in the visible part of the flyer.

About the different license issue,

  1. What has changed since the last version which for sure had Hebrew OCR?
  2. I have reached ABBYY concerning this license and have been told that onle DT can take action and they can’t help me integrate Hebrew OCR into DT because it is not their product.
    I hope I could get the same capabilities as the old version. The searchable pdf feature is the hardcore of database so what use do I have in only storing files.

The Hebrew search inside documents does not work either.

  1. As I said, Hebrew is under a different license, one we don’t have.
  2. ABBYY is correct in that we would have to additionally purchase the package with Hebrew… or they would need to make it part of the pack we have licensed.
  3. Here is a search, including an in-document search which is causing the search term to be highlighted…

Thank you, I will purchase the additional Hebrew OCR directly from you.
The search is not working for me for some unknown reason, what can be the reason?

Sorry for the misunderstanding. This isn’t a package you can purchase directly from us. It is something we’d have to add to our licensing agreement with ABBYY, at a considerable cost.
At this time we don’t have sufficient interest to add this package to our license.

Some third-party OCR tools should be able to do the OCR and you could import the documents afterward.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket. Please attach the PDF you’re having an issue with. Thanks.

I really hope some day it won’t be a privilege to have Hebrew.
The issue I’m having with the word search inside documents is in all of them.
The old version of DT find everything, it’s not in specific pdf file.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket. Attach a PDF or two you’re having an issue with. Thanks.

Hi, there are i assume a lot more people (including me) that would love to get multi language support in DT (including hebrew :)) so +1 :slight_smile:

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